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Supprting yourself, each other and your children/teens after a mass shooting.

The mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada will evoke many emotions for you and your children/teens -- sadness, grief, helplessness, anxiety, and anger.

Children's and teen’s reactions to the shooting are strongly influenced by how parents, relatives, teachers, and other caregivers respond to the event. They often turn to these adults for information, comfort, and help. There are many reactions that are common after mass violence. These generally diminish with time, but knowing about them can help you to be supportive, both of yourself and your children/teens.


JoAnn Deak on Academic Stress
external media
JoAnn Deak is our 2014 National Speaker. Interview: JoAnn Deak on Academic Stress Published in Daughters Newsletter If your daughter feels stressed about schoolwork, she is not alone. Across the country, academic pressure has become a sort of status symbol-an indicator that a girl or her school is of a certain caliber. According to JoAnn Deak, author of How Girls Thrive: An Essenti…


JoAnn Deak on "the mean scene"
external media
Article from Don’t Wannabe Mean, Just Wannabe Meaningful JoAnn Deak, Ph.D., Author of GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS What I’m worried about is the present swing of the pendulum in the direction of looking at girls as a subset of boys, and not as a subset of the human species. Two of the most popular recent books –and subsequently a vast array of media atten…

Michele Borba
Michele Borba, our 2011 National Speaker, talks on the Today Show about creating happy kids.

Paul Bernabei
Paul Bernabei of Top 20 Training will speak to PCN on March 10, 2014. Watch the Top 20 Training promotional video or check out KARE11's coverage of the "Thinking, Learning, and Communicating" course at Cretin-Derham Hall High School.

Barbara Coloroso
National parenting expert; latest book is on bullying



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